Amazing Things Happen
With A Fit Mind

Increased life satisfaction. Easy and Free.

Just Listen.

Akimbo is a mental conditioning app that helps you become more resilient and get more out of life and work.

The heart of Akimbo is an audio player that combines human coach recordings with emotive music and sounds.  Every time you press play, you get new mix based on your individual needs. Each mix is designed to educate, inspire and motivate.

Listen anytime and anywhere. Easy.

Use it your way.

Use Akimbo wherever, whenever, and however feels right for you. 

Use Akimbo while you relax…

Simply press play, relax back and listen.

… or use it while you work.

Press play and get on with your day.

Vary the voiceover.

Control the vocals separately from the backing music. Set the experience that’s right for you.

Play for any length of time.

Akimbo auto-generates algorithmically mixed content. So you can listen for as little or as long as you want. Brilliant!

Designed for social impact.

Here’s our mission: to improve the mental wellbeing of our society. We’ve designed Akimbo to demystify and normalise mental wellbeing. Social impact is core to our legal mission and our business model – so this isn’t just marketing fluff.

Read more about our mission and purpose here.

"Akimbo is much needed and stands out in a crowd of wellness apps"

Caroline Wilson, A-OK, New Zealand

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