Amazing Things Happen With A Fit Mind

Increased life satisfaction. Easy and Free.

 Personalized Transformation.

Akimbo is a mental fitness app that helps you become more resilient and gain a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. It’s like having your own personal coaches in your pocket who you can listen to at any time.

Based on the science of Positive Psychology, Akimbo plays spoken content that shifts your thinking.  The personalization in Akimbo means you get matched to the right coaches and hear the content which is most relevant to you.

Listen anytime, anywhere. Easy.

Use Akimbo your way.

Unlike meditation and mindfulness apps, Akimbo does not require active listening to be effective. 

Use Akimbo while you relax or sleep.

The great thing about Akimbo is that it does not require active listening, you can simply press play and let it do its work. The messaging will help you even if you’re asleep.

Use Akimbo while you work.

You can even get the benefit from Akimbo while you work. Just press play, adjust the volume and get on with your day.

Vary the voiceover.

Control the vocal messaging completely separately from the backing music. You can set the vocal messages to play in the background so that they work subliminally.

Play for any length of time.

Unlike other apps, Akimbo continuously generates algorithmically mixed content. This means you can listen for as long as you wish, just stop when you’re ready. Brilliant!

Designed for social impact.

Here’s our mission: to improve the mental wellbeing of our society. We’ve designed Akimbo to demystify and normalise mental wellbeing. Social impact is core to our legal mission and our business model – so this isn’t just marketing fluff.

Read more about our mission and purpose here.

"Akimbo is much needed and stands out in a crowd of wellness apps"

Caroline Wilson, A-OK, New Zealand

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