Great teams and communities start with happy young people.

Akimbo is a new category of wellbeing app that gives young adults an enjoyable and proactive tool to improve their wellbeing. Akimbo helps your people become happier, more motivated and achieve more.

For Educators, Sports Clubs and Youth Groups

“I really love it”   “this is in a different league”   “it’s very cool”

A Wellbeing Tool That Young People Enjoy

Akimbo is a completely new type of wellbeing app that delivers personalised coaching messages against a backdrop of emotive music and sounds. By listening to Akimbo each day young adults can make incremental improvements to the way they think, feel and perform


Simple User Management

The Akimbo Admin Centre gives you simple control over who gets access to the Akimbo mobile app. Anyone who has sent an invite simply registers using the same email address to unlock Akimbo Premium features and content.

Everyone gets everything.

We don’t believe in complex pricing tiers that cut features from small customers in an attempt to coerce them into paying more than they can afford. So regardless of your size, we love you just the same and you’ll get the same features and support that everyone else gets.
All Plans include:

Premium Licenses

Akimbo Premium licenses for all of your people. 

User Management

 A central admin console to invite your people. 

Priority Support

Get timely support whenever you need it.

Irresistible Pricing

We’ve made our pricing super accessible to organisations who care for young adults so that money isn’t a barrier to their wellbeing. And to make it even better we only count active users so you don’t have to pay for more than what you need.
Do you need more than 1000 licenses? Get in touch


What’s the difference between the Akimbo Premium app and the free version?

We never want money to be a barrier to wellbeing. So we created the free version of the Akimbo app for people who cannot afford to pay for wellbeing apps. Akimbo Free has a solid amount of content to provide effective wellbeing coaching. Akimbo Premium has more content and more features, including targeted zone workouts. 

Can we see who is using Akimbo and who isn’t?

No. We are unable to display this information as it would be a breach of our privacy agreement with the  mobile app user.

Who can we give the app licenses to?

You can give them to anyone who is connected with your organisation and has a valid email address.  If you’re a school or university this would be your students. If you’re a social agency, this could be the young adults you care for. So long as the people are under your stewardship then you can give them a license. 

Do users need an organisation email address?

No. You can invite anyone using their own email address so long as you have permission to use that email address.

Can we get a free trial?

Yes. Get in touch and we’ll provide you with a 30 day free trial (NZ only at this time).

Can we pay annually?

Yes. For organisations who can pay 1 year in advance you get 2 months free and only pay for 10 months.

Can we cancel at any time?

Yes. We don’t have any minimum contracts, you can cancel at anytime without any hassle and with no penalties.

Why is your pricing so low?

Akimbo is a social enterprise and our mission is to help as many people as we can achieve better mental wellbeing. We are driven by social impact and not by profits. Setting a low price makes it much easier for us fulfill our social contract that is baked into our constitution.


Akimbo is working with selected organisations in New Zealand only at this time while we navigate international data and privacy laws.

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