The Akimbo Mission

Our mission is to help millions of people around the world to achieve mental fitness and wellbeing.

Our Why…

Too many people in our world are living with an unfit mind.  An unfit mind has many negative effects including feelings of sadness and emptiness, difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, poor decision making and even a range of biological outcomes such as a weakened immune system.  For some this simply means a lower quality of life, for others, it can be far more serious.

We look forward to a world where people feel they are flourishing and living a life worth living.  Our work is 100% focussed on making this happen for as many people as possible around the world.

We will:

  • Adopt a business model focussed on social good.
  • Foster a community where the community has a say in what we do.
  • Support open research and education.

Join The Movement.

Akimbo Ltd is a social enterprise with a mission to improve mental wellbeing globally. Social impact is core to our legal mission and to our business model.

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