Help your people thrive.

Helping your people build mental fitness is really good for them and great for your bottom line .

Super Effective

Akimbo is a completely new category of app that needs to be experienced to be believed. Behind the apparent simplicity is a bunch of science and tech that combine to achieve significant improvements – fast. 

 By listening to Akimbo regularly, your people make incremental improvements to their wellbeing, engagement and performance.

For Everyone

Akimbo has been designed from the ground up to be inclusive and benefit all of your people, whatever stage of wellbeing they are at.

You’ve already achieved great things with many of your people living with sub-par wellbeing, imagine the possibilities if they were thriving!


Roughly 20%* of your people are likely to have poor mental wellbeing. Akimbo can help them recover and get their mojo back.

Just ‘OK’

Around 70%* of all people have sub-optimal wellbeing. Akimbo will help these people get more out of life and do better at work.


Typically fewer than 10%* of your people will be thriving. Akimbo moves people to here, and keeps them here.

*Averages based on numerous research studies

Real-Time Insights

The Akimbo for Teams dashboard gives you a continuous temperature check on the wellbeing of your people, and is an incredible enabler for engagement and productivity. You will see where wellbeing is low in your organisation and why.

This means you can focus your resources to where the biggest gains can be made become far more responsive to negative trends.

Privacy Protection

We take the privacy of individuals very seriously. It is not possible to view any data that can identify any individuals. Guaranteed!

People Love Akimbo!

Akimbo delivers a unique coaching experience that people really enjoy using. And because they enjoy using it they continue to use it. By investing in Akimbo you’re investing in a high reach, high engagement tool that gets results

Akimbo has helped me to find peace in a busy world. It encourages growth and calm without being intrusive.

Akimbo is a simple easy to use app that can add a lot of value to your day-to-day with counselling on-demand and mood boost. It’s great to hear voices of people around the world speak reassuring things into your ears.

Akimbo’s messages keep connecting with you days after listening. This is an awesome self-improvement and mood-enhancing app.

It is not another app, to measure myself, to pressure myself. Each workout is a positive action for myself, it’s energizing.

With Akimbo, I honestly believe I am achieving more and positive thinking is taking a strong hold – I can certainly do more than I had been telling myself.

Last Thursday I talked at a presentation in front of 20 people. Without this mental exercise this would not have happened, due to self-doubt and lack of confidence. Thank you for creating Akimbo!


Who creates your content and what is it based on?

The content inside Akimbo is created by a team of Akimbo creators. All content is based on the science of positive psychology and is authored by people with at least degree level qualifications in psychology and counselling. We do not use voice actors. Our narrators are people have an experiential background in mental wellbeing and can talk with true authenticity.

Can we see the wellbeing data for individual people?

No. Any information you see in the dashboard is anonymised and aggregated. The minimum unit of data represents at least 5 people. This means that the most granular information you will see would relate to a group of 5 people. We also make sure that you cannot derive data for groups of less than 5 people.  

Can we see who is using Akimbo and who isn’t?

No. This is private to the individual. However, we do show how many people are using Akimbo on a global aggregate level so that you can see the level of uptake and usage.

Who can we give the app licenses to?

You can give them to anyone who is connected with your organisation and has a valid email address.  This could be employees, students or club members.

Do users need an organisation email address?

No. You can invite anyone using their own email address so long as you have permission to use that email address.

How safe is our personal data?

All data is stored on Microsoft Azure secure data centres and all transfer of data is encrypted. We also promise to NEVER share or sell any personally identifiable data with any third party, period.


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